* NOW AT LAKE PERRIS click here for details
YouTube video "Flyboard - Coolest Water Jetpack Ever!":
Our season starts in Parker on March 15 at the Bluewater Resort and Casino, Parker, Arizona. In California, we are now at Lake Perris.

Flyboarding At The Bluewater

A hit at parties and special occasions!

Book a day of flying for friends and family, or let us put on a show. Call now 661-434-7751.

Now Booking Flyboard Adventures on Lake Perris, as well as the Colorado River at the Bluewater Resort and Casino. Also by appointment on Lake Havasu.


  1. Make a reservation by phone.
  2. Read, print, sign and bring the LIABILITY RELEASE FORM.
  3. Payment by phone.
  4. Get directions
  5. Come a minimum of 15 minutes early prepared, dress accordingly in well fitting swimsuits. Girls bottoms - shorts are recommended. You can bring your own wetsuit if you desire. We have suits to choose from. Summertime is hot so not needed unless you want the added protection.
  6. All other equipment is provided for flight. You can bring your own helmet and life vest if approved by our team.
  7. Listen and follow instruction from your trainer. Be sure to check out our rules
  8. Have Fun and Be Safe!
  9. Bring a towel and dry clothes for after flight.
  10. Bring a camera.